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SFE Portfolio Weekly Result - 23rd November 2020 to 27th November 2020

Total Portfolio Return

= Total Balance - (Total Deposit - Total Withdrawal)

= $227540.96 - ($256596.23 - $52373.38)

= +$23318.01

Weekly Change

= This Week's Total Return - Last Week's Total Return

= $23318.01 - $18177.85

= +$5140.16

Master Accounts:

Follower Accounts:


You will get to copy my IC Markets trades for 15% Performance Fee if you open a new account under Fusion Markets and copy our trades to your Fusion Markets account:

Fusion Markets is a new kid on the block, but I can attest that their spread is at least comparable to IC Markets, if not better. You will also enjoy the lowest commission rate available for an ASIC broker at $4.50 per round turn lot. This will provide significant savings on trading costs over time.

You can see the comparison in pip counts between IC Markets and Fusion Markets in the screenshot below:

This 15% Performance Fee offer will only be available until this months ends, so please take advantage of it while it lasts.

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